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Android 9 Pie Review

Oh wait of course some of these changes or a lot more parents and other so let's start with a really obvious stuff so let's talk about what you see when you fire the phone up after installing the update which is pretty similar except the trio of Android navigation keys can be dismissed 

in favor of fools new gesture navigation scheme I've got it up and running on this pixel 2 whichever using for quite some time and it does take a little getting used to especially if you've never used gesture navigation with work is what it use it takes into the app launcher that's sort of how it works now but let me show you how this actually works if you swept up in brings you 

to your app Switcher these are at cards that are running the background and what's really interesting is that a there was an silly as opposed to vertically like they did in the past and 
babies aren't just images you can actually take information and move them in between these efforts I had to jump in there and copy some of this data and then plug it into Chrome for instance not actually just works really really well jump back out you actually access the app launcher by going up one more which takes a little getting used to that's probably the one thing I struggle with the most I'm used to that really quick action against all of my apps and that's basically it but if you switch to Jess you never gation deseta little bit more time not much but enough I should also point out that with this new pill button that appears at the bottom of the 

screen you can swipe back and forth between all of your open app cards you can switch between 7 and a time before you hit the end theoretically but then just keep scrolling that feels weird to me I kind of wish Google it away for one end to delineate the first app card and the other end to delineate the last epcor its you can actually scroll through all your running at cards without having to sit there at the end of the way but maybe that's just me if you're a fan of the dark seem like me you can actually now force your phone to use it which is really 

welcome flourish by default it's not gonna work on this because this is the wallpaper that Google is included with this life case let's actually switch that really quickly to something a bit more traditional there we go OK so by default it's gonna switch to believe the dark same it does take a step there to switch your kind of changing wallpapers but we jump into settings we can 

actually force it to use the light theme if that's your thing is not mine but it seems to work OK in the past it sort of worked on a matic Lee it would use whatever colors were in your wallpaper to define with the light or the dark that always rub me the wrong way coz damn it I want the dark theme all the time so you can force that and it does give you a cooler darker experience throughout Android which is finally finally finally worth using an available this week second panel basically does what it always did but with him in the face that the icons are bit more spaced out and they sort of shuffle into place as you pull the shades down which is a nice visual flirsch but it's the fence panel it Not interacting with certain notifications and just ask do you want these at all anymore and once you say no they just stop coming all together which is really really nice Google is also have made Android just easier to use it makes a little more sense all 

the way around for one the volume key just as you can see affects media volume by default in the past it was sort of a crap shoot if you were playing a song but your concern is that I don't know a notification would roll in your rental place for you didn't really want that to happen you can never really tell what was going to happen once used it by now it's a standardized thing it's just media that works I'm not disturb is also gotten much much better to the point where sometimes it's almost a little too good basically not what it does is In addition to keeping all notifications for making sounds you have the option to prevent any i'm giving you any sort of visual indicator that something is happening i first some reason experience this accidental E because when i updated that was on by default and i missed a good day's worth of emails and messages and phone calls because i didn't realize that do not disturb is on so it doesn't work 

very very well especially if you're keen on disconnecting or really minimizing the amount of distraction you have in your life but just be aware when it is running through the nikon in the kacian so i should have known better hopefully you learn from my mistake now you don't need me to tell you that android can look and run a little differently on different devices because i have a lot of latitude over what android looks like and how it functions if you are fully into the google life and you only a google pixel or pixel to you do get a few extra things that other people running android