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Windows 10 now

Should arrive on your PC by the end of April early may as always there's a number of useful features baked in timeline the marquee feature lives in your taskbar and essentially replace 

his task view it tracks and list the various web pages of documents you visited over the past days and weeks allowing to 

go back quickly pick up where you left off the kicker though is that it only tracks Microsoft apps office and edge this is a very Microsoft specific feature nearest here or nearby sharing is a quick and dirty version of apples AirDrop it's easy to share it document image or URL for the share function with the nearby PC and windows does so it up to Wi-Fi speeds focus assist which used to be called quiet hours now does a better job intercept distracting notifications this version even blocks 

notifications while you're playing a game or giving a presentation the number of people who use Microsoft Edge continues to drop but here's a good reason to put up the browser clutter free printing which eliminates ads and neatly format so web page to make it look great if so you need to print out a PC world or do here's another windows device 

application guard fancy name for a super sandbox mode Microsoft has added edge if you're gonna be surfing the dark depths the web you should be doing it with WD'agenais beled data caps are now a thing again and Windows 10 now let's you do a better job of managing and even metering the data that use it's also a way of setting limits on background updates for apps and windows itself let's face it this is an ensemble cast of features which collectively make windows better to find out more read our review as well as our list of hidden features which we think you need to know about then stay tune Microsoft already working on its follow up date which will hit your PC before the end of the year 98 has been good and then 

back windows 98 was great windows and it was sucky windows XP was awesome Windows Vista a nightmare Windows 7 a pleasure to use Windows 8 of pain so if that pattern continues in Windows 10 to be pretty fab and from the looks of it it's going to stay that way Microsoft is calling it the last version of windows not because windows is reached end of life but moving 

forward windows will just be referred to as windows with regular incremental updates these changes are reflected was even bigger changes inside Microsoft the tech guy and says it 

has higher aspirations for the world's most popular OS we want to move some people meeting windows choosing windows to loving windows windows ten we've got ten reasons number one return of the start menu in the way windows ten is all about correcting the mistakes of the past when windows eight was in 

veiled in twenty twelve two particular things to bug users the most one is what i'd like to call multiple personality disorder both in touch interface and the old desktop mode wrestled for your attention and it was downright confusing the second pain point was the unceremonious depth of the start menu both items have been addressed in windows ten now when you boot up your computer it will bring straight to be familiar desktop environments and there all glorious the bottom left hand side of your screen since the start menu as can be expected clicking on it brings up the familiar programs pain and to the For example 

when you switch from notebook tablet mode we experience will change to one that's optimized for touch in soon on Windows Phone when you connect a smartphone running Windows 10 mobile to an external monitor Bluetooth keyboard and mouse it will scale up like you were on a laptop now that's pretty darn awesome number 3 universal apps when it was first announced 

the big promise of Windows 10 was that it would be the one operating systems to rule the mall 10 S to run on desktops notebooks tablets smartphones the Xbox and even Microsoft you amended reality headset hololens and one store to download apps from the vision is pretty simple installed this one app and it will scale depending on the type of device that it 
is installed that is pretty much still a vision more than it is reality at the moment if only more developers would drink the kool aid so to speak for now the only available universal apps are a sweet of Microsoft Office apps number 4 Cortana a virtual assistant built into the operating system genius makes you wonder why Apple hasn't brought Siri into OS can you get 

it too late Windows Phone personal assistant in residence Cortana makes its way to Windows 10 she is feisty and as helpful as ever she can search the web or your computer remind you of upcoming flight some appointments and answer random questions need her to tell you a joke sure you can do that he Cortana tell me a joke why didn't the spider go to school she learned everything on the web just don't ask for someone to love find me a boyfriend number five action center in this smartphone dominated world notifications are part of everyday life so why shouldn't we be able to get them on our computers two on windows ten swiping in from the right using your touch screen or your track pad will bring out the action 

center displays at notifications like new emails facebook likes and twitter mentions number six hello forget passwords not even the fingerprint scanners on your smart phones as awesome as hell owe facial recognition software build the end to window management is like taming the beast Be able to open windows side by side like an Internet browser on one side and a 

word document on the other windows snapes improved in Windows 10 you can now arrange up to 4 windows side by side and even get suggestions on which openwindows to the number 8 edge browser who likes Internet Explorer raise your hands not me and neither does Microsoft so from now on they want 

me to use their new browser aldege the browser is cleaner snappier and more modern it has a couple of nifty features like distractions are you reading quick answers from the address bar and the ability to annotate web pages by drawing on them it's a good start but still has a long way to go to unseat Chrome little things like extensions are very much needed and will give users the experience they are used to number 9 Xbox the interest of xbox one gamer yes you can now stream xbox games to your windows computer and play with your xbox controller but that's not the best part will soon be able to play multiplayer games between xbox and PC number ten free this last reason is a pretty darn good one i mean who doesn't like free right yep you heard me windows ten is completely free as long as you 

have a legit version of windows seven eight or eight point one and as long as you upgrade within the next year box copies are still available for purchase it that's your thing to buy that how you can upgrade click here for how to upgrade video or if you can't wait download your copy directly from microsoft will put the link in the description below if you